Nobel Prize-Winning
Discovery Reveals...

Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery Reveals...

The Hidden Reason
Why So Many
With Digestion,
Energy, And
Cravings On Plant-Based Diets

The Hidden Reason Why
So Many Struggle With
Digestion, Energy, and Cravings
On Plant-Based Diets

Plus, see how 28 studies PROVE this simple 30-second
“pre-meal ritual” (revealed below) helps banish bloating and
gas... boost energy... even speed metabolism — while
eliminating indigestion and cravings —
often in a matter of minutes

See how 28 studies PROVE this simple
30-second "pre-meal ritual" helps:

Green Check

Banish bloating and gas

Green Check

Boost energy

Green Check

Speed metabolism

Green Check

Banish bloating and gas

Green Check

And get rid of cravings

In a matter of minutes

Green Check

If you’re bloating after meals and craving sugar...

Green Check

If your metabolism is slow and you’re gaining weight faster than before...

Green Check

If you find it hard to gain muscle or get stronger on a plant-based diet...

Green Check

And even if you struggle with sleep or wake up tired with bags under your eyes...

... then pay close attention to the strange
“pre-meal ritual” revealed on this page.
Because you’re about to see how
my bodybuilding nightmare helped me...

Discover A Shocking Secret For
Getting Lean And Strong While
Eating A Plant-Based Diet...

Hi, my name is Wade Lightheart and
I’m the CoFounder of BIOptimizers.

I’m an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, a
certified sports nutritionist, a 3-time All Natural National
Bodybuilding Champion, and President of one of the
fastest-growing nutritional companies in the world.

I was also a former Mr. Universe Competitor...

Wade Lightheart Photos

To win my last competition I lived off of a diet that
consisted almost entirely of rice cakes and whey protein.

Red Cross
No fat.
Red Cross
No vegetables.

It was BRUTAL.

Wade Lightheart Photos
Sure, I won my competition — but I became so deficient in essential nutrients that afterward... I ballooned up with 42 lbs of fat and water in just 11 weeks following the competition.
Worst of all, my digestion and health was completely wrecked:
Green Check

I couldn’t eat salads without bloating

Green Check

My brain was foggy

Green Check

I couldn’t sleep well

Green Check

My energy was constantly crashing

Green Check

My cravings were through the roof

Conventional doctors were of no help to me at all.

I went from one of the proudest moments of my life...
to suddenly feeling ashamed, humiliated, and helpless..

I Found Myself Exhausted And Puffy —
My Friends Were Calling Me
“The Marshmallow Man”

My body went from absolutely shredded to bloated, puffy, and round...

I had mysterious aches, odd tummy issues, insomnia, and I looked haggardly tired.

I was young, and always on the go.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… it got REALLY bad.

Hair loss
Red Cross

My hair started falling out

Gain fat
Green Check

I put on unsightly belly fat

Green Check

I ached

No energy
Green Check

Had no energy

Green Check

Couldn’t sleep

Bad skin
Green Check

And my skin seemed
to age 10 years

... ALL in a matter of months.

I began feeling anxious and terrified.

I Had To Figure Out A Solution FAST
Or I Felt My Body Might


I didn’t understand the root cause of all my symptoms... but I knew I was sick and needed to heal.

Desperate for relief and to get my life back, I spent years researching nutrition and holistic health.

I tried everything.

Around this time on my journey, I met a renegade doctor named Dr. O’Brien who was experiencing miraculous results with the most “hopeless” cases.

His approach?

A diet that consisted almost entirely of raw, uncooked foods — and megadoses of specific ignition nutrients that spark almost every essential reaction in the body

Yes, that means ABSOLUTELY



This idea frankly terrified me.

However, this doctor’s results were undeniable.

He introduced me to a whole world of people who were eating this way and reversing lifetimes of chronic conditions.

I learned more about this “ignition nutrient” he was using and I began taking huge doses of it myself...

It was a two-step radical approach:

Step 1 Step 2

That was the tipping point for me because it prompted me to ask the question:

“What Was It About These
Two Steps That Was

What I found was absolutely astonishing...

First, let me ask you:

Have you ever noticed that you NEVER get that “heavy” feeling after
eating pure raw fruit or vegetables?


I’m guessing the answer is YES... and there’s a reason for that.

Raw fruits and vegetables contain high levels of a specific nutrient — an “ignition nutrient” we like to say...

... which allows that food to be digested — with virtually ZERO work required by your body.

Unfortunately, processing — especially heat — kills this key nutrient found naturally in these foods.

This is why processed and cooked food often sit in your stomach much longer, prompting you to feel heavy... tired...


and ultimately leading to aging and even weight gain.

My Bodybuilding Diet Made Me
Painfully Deficient In This
“Energy Ignition” Nutrient...

Remember how I told you that I was living off whey protein and rice cakes?

Well, those two foods have virtually NO AMOUNT of this “ignition nutrient”... they are completely dead foods.

By eating a diet almost entirely of cooked and processed foods — which lack these nutrients — I was pulling from my body’s natural supply...

After my competition, this caused me to:

Green Check

Become exhausted...

Green Check

Suffer from indigestion and bloating...

Green Check

Gain weight...

Green Check

And age faster...

In my own case, lacking these nutrients PLUS pushing my
body to the limits of lifting and cutting for competition...
had put me into a horrible place with my health.

After meeting Dr. O’Brien, I began to detox and repair my body at a rapid rate...
while eating raw plant foods and taking huge amounts of this one nutrient.

It Was Hard, But Also
The Best Thing I’ve Ever
Done For My Health...

As my digestion returned and I began eating more and more raw plant foods...

I experienced the most profound health transformation of my life.

I got back into shape (195 lbs @ 7% body fat) in less than 4 months -- while my energy, brain function, and strength soared to new heights.

And the craziest part?

I did it all while taking in only 85 grams of protein per day...from plants.

Everyone wondered what I was doing.

And it all came back to the discovery of this “ignition nutrient” — which scientists refer to as ENZYMES — that was fueling my healing transformation.

Because in reality,

it wasn’t the raw diet performing the miracle...

Because in reality,

it wasn’t the raw diet performing the miracle...

Uncooked Nutrients — Enzymes

Fueled My Transformation...

The more research I did, the more I learned that every raw food contains an abundance of these “ignition nutrients” — Enzymes.

Green Check
Green Check

As it turns out, enzymes are catalysts for every reaction in the body.

We need enzymes for every single activity that takes place inside our biology... especially digestion

Your body needs specific enzymes to digest carbs... others to digest fats... and others to digest proteins and even fiber.

Everyone starts out with massive amounts of these enzymes as infants, so as children we don’t even notice it very much when we eat cooked food that is lacking them.

However, as we get older — after years of a deficient diet — our enzyme levels get depleted...

And suddenly, our energy drops... we can’t digest food the same way... we become bloated after meals or gain weight...

Everything In Your Body Depends
On Having The Right Enzymes

Let me repeat that another way so it really sinks in... NOTHING good happens in your body without the help of enzymes.

They power everything, including:

Metabolism and
fat burning   [1]
Energy production
(mitochondria, atp)  [2]
Absorbing oxygen
(kinda important) & arm movement [3]
Fighting infections and
wound healing [4]
Lowering inflammation  [5]
Allowing nutrients into your cells  [6]
Carrying away toxic waste  [7]
Breaking down fats in your blood  [8]
Dissolving blood clots  [9]
Regulating hormones  [10]
Slowing the aging process  [11]
And much, much more

That means, enzymes have a hand in...

Youthful healing… nutrient uptake … detox… feel-good hormones … chemical and bad bacteria
elimination… fat breakdown … and even dreaded chronic inflammation.

Up until very recently, it was IMPOSSIBLE to correctly make them in a lab.


That All Changed Thanks To
A Breakthrough Discovery By
A Nobel Prize Winner...

Thanks to her breakthrough:

Green Check

You can heal...

Green Check

You can digest your food...

Green Check

You can power up your body’s natural energy systems…

Green Check

You can even wake up slow or “dormant” metabolism behind toxic weight gain...


To make that happen however, ALL of the necessary enzymes must be present.

Given this realization, you can imagine my excitement when I read about how Nobel Laureate, and American scientist Frances Arnold [12]...

... helped pave the way for creating these ‘ignition’ enzymes in a lab.

This meant that eating a raw food diet was no longer the only way to get an abundance of enzymes each day...

Now you could safely get enzymes — the closest thing in nature to a true “fountain of youth” — in a capsule...

Still, Her Nobel Discovery
Only Helped Me Crack
HALF Of The Enzyme Code...

If you remember Dr. O’Brien — who had helped me heal and recover through a raw food
diet and 100 capsules of enzymes a day...

Well, the reason he needed to have people take 100 capsules a day...

... was because his enzymes were NOT strong enough.

Thanks to the evolution of science ignited by Frances Arnold’s Nobel Discovery —
enzymes could now become MUCH stronger and more stable.

We wanted something that would digest ANYTHING and power through massive
amounts of carbs, fat, and protein easily.

PLUS speed healing and recovery while helping slow the aging process.

So me and my business partner, Matt Galant, who had also benefited from Dr. O’Brien’s

We Started Working With
And Top Formulators...
Trying To “Crack The Code” On Enzymes...

... and get all of the most powerful plant enzymes into ONE SINGLE FORMULA.

Ultimately, we did it.

Our first enzyme formula was THE single most powerful enzyme complex the industry had ever seen.

It gave us an almost cult-like following amongst bodybuilders and raw foodists, who understood the power of enzymes in digestion, healing, and recovery.

When we turned our attention to creating the ultimate enzyme formula for those on a plant-based diet — who like me and so many — didn’t want to be on an all-raw diet...

Well, I can honestly say that...

We Changed The Game AGAIN,

Creating The Most Powerful
Plant-Based Enzyme Yet…

VEGZYMES is the closest thing to a
“raw food diet in a bottle”...

It’s a full spectrum formulation of ALL the most powerful plant-based
enzymes you’d find in a raw food diet...

... without having to go to extreme measures like giving up cooked food.

VEGZYMES on the other hand, is the ONLY formula that helps mimic how energized, light, and youthful I felt when eating raw food.

If you tend to lean toward eating a plant-based diet, then VEGZYMES is even more powerful for you — because it has special complexes designed to break down plant food even more effectively.

I recommend VEGZYMES for vegans, vegetarians, plant-based athletes, yogis, and raw foodists... but also for ANYONE (yes even Keto, Paleo, and other dieters who eat plant foods).

Basically, anyone who wants to heal faster, look and feel younger, and absorb more nutrients from a diet with plants in it.

Let me walk you through the exact enzymes found in VEGZYMES that will power up your digestion... lift your energy... boost metabolism... and turn back the clock.

4 Critical Types Of Enzymes
Necessary To Thrive On ANY Diet

Especially One That
Is More Plant-Based...

Essential Plant Enzyme #1


Just as it sounds, PROTEASE breaks down protein…

A lot of people think you only need protease to digest meats,
but protease is necessary to digest plant protein too...

... as well as every reaction or building project where amino acids are needed in the body.  [13]

If anything, those on a plant-based diet need MORE PROTEASE because they take in less protein
from their diet — and need to be more efficient in breaking down the protein foods they are

Protease helps turn protein into muscle-building, fat-burning amino acids — which is necessary for:

Green Check

Cell division (necessary for every healthy function in the body)

Green Check

Turning protein into muscle-building, brain-boosting amino acids

Green Check

Optimizing blood flow (necessary for libido, healthy hormones, and more)

Green Check

Strengthening immune function (supports immunity on T-cell and the DNA level)

Green Check

General repair, recovery, and anti-aging benefits

Green Check

Plus SO MANY other important processes

Whether you’re on a vegan, vegetarian, or even Paleo diet, the high-potency protease inside
VEGZYMES will help you break down the protein in your diet so you can look better... feel younger...
and perform your best.

Essential Plant Enzyme #2


LIPASE is the enzyme that breaks down fat.

Plant-based diets often contain an abundance of fat from
avocados, nuts (like cashews and almonds), olive oil, coconut
oils, and more.

When you don’t have enough lipase, your fat tends to “sit” in your stomach or worse — gets more easily stored as fat.  [14]

A lack of lipase can also explain feeling heavy after a high-fat meal, because there isn’t enough lipase
to turn molecules into fatty acids that can be used for energy.

Luckily, VEGZYMES contains one of the highest concentrations of lipase of any enzyme formula on the market.

This makes it a powerhouse not only for digestion... but also for fat-burning.

Consuming higher amounts of lipase can also help your body’s own fat breakdown.

Lipase also helps make critical “fat soluble” vitamins like A, C, D and E — which many people can be deficient in — more bioavailable.

This is yet another reason why many people feel an energy boost when adding lipase enzyme supplements to their diet.

Essential Plant Enzyme #3


The next critical enzyme in VEGZYMES is AMYLASE — which
is essential for digesting starches and carbs, whether it’s in
the form of grains... starchy veggies like potatoes... or even

Plant-based diets tend to contain more carbohydrates than keto or Paleo diets, so getting amylase is extra important for energy and avoiding fatigue.  [15]

That’s only the beginning, because one of the biggest causes of gas and bloating is undigested starch and sugar that ferments in the lower intestine.

This explains why many people who go on a plant-based diet, especially in the beginning, can get that “full belly look” or feel bloated often.

Matt and I not only sourced the most powerful form of amylase available...

We included much higher than normal levels, to support those on plant-based diets or even keto/Paleo diets rich in plant-foods.

Essential Plant Enzyme #4


The next critical enzyme inside VEGZYMES is CELLULASE,
which breaks down a type of cellulose (fiber) in the cell wall
of all plants.

It’s no secret that plant-based diets contain an abundance of plant fiber.

This gives many people issues when they first switch over to the diet — because their digestive systems are simply not used to having that much fiber with each meal.

With the form of cellulase in VEGZYMES however, you can break down even the biggest “kale salads” (a notoriously fibrous veggie)... and do it with ease.

This makes VEGZYMES excellent for those transitioning to a plant-based diet — to help with the adaptation process (reducing gas, bloating, and discomfort)...

... and also excellent for anyone wanting to add more fruits, vegetables, and salads to their diet.

Plus, there’s another big benefit of cellulase,  [16] because fiber acts as a “prebiotic” in the gut (something that feeds your good gut bacteria) — so taking VEGZYMES is almost like a probiotic...

This helps with digestion, bloating, metabolism, and even gut-related issues like candida.

Matt and I didn’t stop there, though. We wanted to make this
the BEST plant enzyme formula ever created. So we included...

5 More “Ignition Enzymes” Perfectly
Tailored To Diets High In Plant Foods

We made sure to include a full spectrum of incredible digestive enzymes like...

Essential Plant Enzyme #5


Another fiber-digesting enzyme that helps provide the energy needed for proper function of the colon.  [17]

Pectinase helps produce fatty acids, such as butyrate, that are needed to maintain a healthy level of intestinal elimination - a key for energy and weight loss.

Essential Plant Enzyme #6


A specific enzyme that catalyzes, or kickstarts, the breakdown of phytic acid. [18]

Phytic acid is a form of indigestible phosphorus that’s present in plant-based foods such as wheat, rice, nuts, and various whole grains.

Therefore, phytase is incredibly crucial for anyone with nuts or grains in their diet.

Essential Plant Enzyme #7


A powerful enzyme for digesting materials that attach to fiber, including rogue forms of bacteria like candida (yeast overgrowth)  [18]

Hemicellulase is especially important in detox processes because the fiber binds to toxins and then hemicellulase helps break the toxins down and move them out of the body.

Essential Plant Enzyme #8

Alpha Galactosidase

An enzyme which assists in preventing gas, abdominal bloating, stomach pain, and a distended stomach after meals...

It helps specifically with plant foods that can cause these reactions  [20], including legumes like garbanzo beans and certain types of nuts or grains.

If you’ve ever felt bloated or gassy after a meal with lots of veggies, this enzyme is your ticket to a flat stomach afterward.

Essential Plant Enzyme #9


AstraZyme is a breakthrough in enzyme innovation... as it helps make other enzymes in the formula up to 30% more effective in passing nutrients through your gut.

And up to 66% more effective breaking down specific amino acids... this means, with greater bioavailability of amino acids, you’ll repair muscle fibers faster... reduce inflammation... and experience healthier metabolism.   [21]

It’s ideal for active plant-based or high plant eaters who want to take their fitness and body composition to another level.

But that’s not all:

2 More Ingredients
To Help Supercharge
Nutrient Absorption And Digestion

Matt, myself, and the entire research team at BIOptimizers wanted to create more than the ultimate plant-based enzyme...

We wanted to create the BEST digestion, energy, and metabolism-boosting supplement for ANYONE on ANY diet that is rich with plant-based foods...

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, Paleo, or even Keto — if you eat vegetables or starch at all... you’ll want to have VEGZYMES supporting your digestion.

That’s why we also included two more ingredients to take the formula to another level...


A proprietary enzyme designed to accelerate fat-burning metabolism and therefore help with weight loss.

InnoSlim works in two ways:

1) It reduces the number of calories absorbed — and...

2) It takes the calories that were absorbed and drives them into your fat cells or fat tissue.

This seems like it would cause weight gain, but it actually HELPS with weight loss.  [22]

That’s because InnoSlim promotes an increase in the amount of adiponectin in the body — which studies have shown correlates to higher fat-burning.

Betaine HCL

A nutrient that helps return the stomach to its needed acidic PH so it can break down foods more effectively, especially starch and protein.

Most people are dangerously deficient in HCL, and the worst
part is they are given antacids, which make their digestion even
WORSE — leading to more gas, bloating, and heartburn.

Betaine HCL works synergistically with the enzymes in VEGZYMES to supercharge your digestion, absorption, and eliminate discomfort after meals.  [23]

Vegzymes Contains
To Thrive On A Plant-Based Or
High Vegetable Diet...

As you can see, it’s THE most complete and potent vegetarian enzyme formula ever created.

With its full spectrum of potent digestive enzymes — plus enzymes that break down fiber, candida, and even body fat — it’s easy to see why this is one of the most unique and potent enzyme formulas available today.

VEGZYMES is effective for anyone on a plant-based diet — or for those on Paleo, Keto, or other diets that include larger amounts of salads, veggies, or fibrous foods.

Those who know me know that we’re insanely obsessive about the quality of the formulas we create, but I can wholeheartedly say that VEGZYMES is the most powerful plant-based enzyme product ever created.

Premium-Priced Enzyme
Because It
Actually WORKS...

Now, you can walk into any health food store, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe...

Or you can hop onto Amazon — and look for the cheapest enzyme...

Trust me, there are a TON out there.

Here’s the thing.

Enzymes must be processed in a very specific way... with the right technology and equipment, the right raw materials... even the right bottling and encapsulation...

... otherwise, they will be “dead” by the time you take them.

So yes, you can go get a $20 bottle of enzymes that does nothing... but I think you’ll agree that it’s worth investing in something where you can actually FEEL the benefits of enzymes WORKING.

That’s what VEGZYMES does and at the price below, I think you’ll agree that saying goodbye to gas and bloating... feeling energized again... restarting your metabolism and weight loss... and supporting your detox, sleep, and more...

Is worth it.


Five Bottles


$60.00 / bottle

($300 TOTAL)


365-Day Money Back Guarantee

One Bottle


$75.00/ bottle

($75 TOTAL)


365-Day Money Back Guarantee


Three Bottles


$63.33 / bottle

($190 TOTAL)

Save 15% + FREE SHIPPING (US & CA)

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

VegZymes Is Protected By BIOptimizers

365-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We at the BIOptimizers team strongly feel you shouldn’t pay for supplements that don’t work.

If you don’t feel a difference using VEGZYMES the next time you eat a meal with lots of plant-based foods...

If you purchase 1 bottle and you are not completely satisfied, within 365 days you may request a full refund (minus shipping & handling cost).

If you choose to save money and buy a bundle of multiple bottles, you are still covered by a 365 day guarantee. If after your first bottle you are not satisfied, you can return your remaining unopened bottles within 365 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund for your order (minus the cost of shipping & handling)*.

*Please note: If you open a second bottle, you no longer qualify for the guarantee above. Speak with our customer service team, and you may be able to receive a prorated refund depending upon the number of unopened bottles you will be returning.

Plus, our company — BIOptimizers — has been in business for full years. We stand behind our products and guarantee that they will do what we say they do.

Absolutely no questions asked... no loopholes... and no hassles.

Essentially, you don’t have to decide now.

Get VEGZYMES now, try it for weeks or months…

You can make your risk-free decision after experiencing the power of this game-changing enzyme formula for yourself.

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If You Try Eating A
Raw Food Diet To Get Enzymes...

You STILL Won’t Get Enough

... so really the only question is: what are YOU going to do to get enzymes back into your diet... and to make up for those lost years of eating cooked food?

Because whether you’ve been aware of it or not... the damage is being done.

Fortunately, you DON’T have to live in fear...

And you DON’T have to let your gut and overall health lack the necessary enzymes to digest plant foods any longer...

Whether You’re Vegan, Vegetarian,
Paleo, Or Keto — If You Eat Plant Foods, You WILL Benefit From VEGZYMES

No matter what diet you’re on, you’ve learned that many of the natural enzymes you should be getting from your foods are being stripped away.

Just about everyone benefits from taking in the enzyme array found in this formula to replenish your “ignition nutrients.”

When you get VegZymes today you are saying YES to:

Green Check

Enhancing digestion and assisting in the absorption of critical nutrients  [24]

Green Check

Delivering 2-3 times more lipase vs. other top formulas for fat metabolism  [25]

Green Check

Digesting larger amounts of plant fiber  [26]

Green Check

Eliminating bloating, gas, and other sources of digestive distress  [27]

Green Check

Providing powerful anti-candida enzymes for faster healing and detox  [28]

With VEGZYMES, you have the most potent spectrum of enzymes — along with other powerful nutrients that transform your ability to digest plant foods... feel energized... and look your best.

Get your bottles of VEGZYMES TODAY using any of the buttons on this page.

Do that, and I guarantee you’ll never eat a big salad or meal with lots of veggies again without it.

It’s Time For You To Experience
Biological Optimization

Our mission at BIOptimizers is to “End physical suffering by helping people discover and activate BIOptimized Health.”

In other words, we want you to become a super-human version of yourself.

Our goal with our products is to give you all the tools you need to develop all 3 sides of the BIOptimization Triangle:

VEGZYMES will help you maximize all 3 sides of the BIOptimization Triangle. Your aesthetics will improve with better digestion and nutrient absorption. Your health will improve in multiple ways.

And both your mental and physical performance will go to new levels as shown in dozens of scientific studies. Just select the package you want above to get started.

WADE Lightheart

  • Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Author of the Best Selling Book 'Staying Alive In A Toxic World'
  • 3-Time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion

​​Click here to see some of the amazing research we’ve referenced showing why VEGZYMES is one of the most powerful enzyme supplements you can take

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